Culture respond

The article tell me ” What is cultural photography’?”  and they says ” it a term you have heard before or is it something new?  For me, it was combination that grew out of necessity.  I’d like to share a story about the challenges of defining my photography and how it might help you talk about your own work.” They say “if we can paint a picture for a second … Imagine you are at a cocktail party and someone asks, “So, what do you do?” and they this “you pause and say, as I do, “I’m a photographer.”  It’s an easy enough answer I suppose, but then you are hit with the follow up, “What kind of photography do you do?” The people ask you the question a lot about photography.


In 2012 Elizabeth Krist at national geographic and she said to Nat ” Geo. had not done such a project on Japan since the 1970s and that timing wise it could be good.  But the one problem was that it all needed to be in color”. She also said “that from time to time they did run black and white, but it was rare.  I understood, but felt that the project deserved to be in the format in which it was conceived.  It was in this moment I realized that while National Geographic had been a childhood inspiration, something I looked to for initial cultural exposure, it was limited by the visual constraints of the editorial world.  Culture is not limited to being photographed in color and thus, I saw my work as maybe having some overlaps with them, but being different enough to warrant a new title”. She talks about project of culture about japan history.


10 year investment in construction and a concurrent 7 years in Zen Buddhism. He has a lot of experience about the exposure, his goal   was to study those worlds, not as an observer or a journalist, but to literally become them before integrating them into my photography. He wanted to be the best photography in the world