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The photo include subject or main of interest. The focal gives your photo a viewer of a place for their eye. The sheep in this image provide a focal point, Without them would be a pretty boring landscaping that wouldn’t hold your attention for long. The rule of thirds is all where you position the main elements in a scene. The rule which is suggests that an image will look more balanced and aesthetically pleasing if you position important parts of the scene off-center.

The balanced the image diagonally using the rule of thirds to place your main subject off-center creates a more interesting and harmonious composition, but it may leave an empty space in the scene resulting in an unbalanced image. You can balance the weight of your subject by including another object to fill the space. You can use the diagonal principle to help balanced multiple subjects in a photo. If all the important areas of an image are located either at the top or the bottom, or on the left or the right, the image will look unbalanced. When taking photos, imagine a diagonal line drawn from one corner of the image to the opposite corner, and then place the main subjects along this line. shoot from a lower angle  rather than taking pictures from eye level, you’ll often find me crouching down with my iPhone or even lying on the ground so I can shoot from a really low angle. This technique can help simplify the composition and also gives a unique viewpoint that most people don’t usually see.



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